Automated Software Development

Inteon’s cutting-edge machine programming technology harnesses the power of AI to automate the most demanding software development tasks.

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faster Deep Learning Inference, Automatically

Built with Intel’s next-generation machine programming technology, our AI-driven performance optimization platform generates machine code from deep learning inference models in minutes − with no loss of accuracy.

Launching Mid-2022:

Early access program now open

Get Better Results with Inteon’s Auto-Generated Code

Any Framework · Any Hardware · Any Cloud

Deploy Dense Computational Models at Scale

Inteon’s highly optimized code is ideally suited for dense compute neural networks such as computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing applications.

Reduce Latency in Performance-Critical Software

Optimizing even the most heavily optimized deep learning models, Inteon gives you the speed you need to run performance-critical software with confidence.

Accelerate Your Deep Learning Inference Times

Preliminary benchmarks show Inteon can accelerate deep learning inference performance by 2-20x with no change to the accuracy of your models.

Faster Software
any hardware
Zero Effort

Eliminating the need for time-consuming hand-optimization, our patented machine programming technology optimizes your deep learning models with the click of a button.

Get Up to 20x Faster Inference Times

01 input

Input any trained model developed with a common deep learning framework and pick your target hardware.

02 Optimize

Our platform automatically synthesizes your model into highly optimized, hardware-specific code.


Your optimized model is packaged for your production environment and easy, one-click integration.

04 Deploy

Deploy to any cloud using industry-standard REST APIs, containers, or a binary version of your model. 

Accelerate Your AI with Our AI

We empower data scientists, software developers, and MLOps engineers to achieve optimal inference speeds, save months of effort, and reduce deep learning inference costs by 30-90%.

Save Time

Effortlessly deploy and redeploy on any target hardware and across cloud providers.

Reduce Costs

Save on infrastructure and cloud deployment inference costs.

Improve Performance

Accelerate inference speeds or deploy larger models for improved accuracy.

Boost Productivity

Decrease development times without adding to your headcount.

Deploy Faster

Optimize models in a single day, instead of weeks or months.

Actionable Insights

Make informed decisions with data-driven performance reports.

AIOBench Cost Savings

Maximize Performance without Increasing Your Budget

Try our ROI calculator to see how much you can save. 

Computations are based on real benchmark data from Inteon and current pricing information from AWS and show results both before and after optimization.

Save Up
to 90% on Cloud Deployment
Inference Costs