AI industry skills shortage infographic

AI importance vs. AI skills availabilty

“AI…is likely to be one of the next great technological shifts, like the advent of the computer age or the smartphone revolution.”

Shanhong Liu, Statista

The explosive growth of AI in business has been breathtaking to watch, and it appears to be accelerating. Statista’s Shanhong Liu wrote, “AI is expected to have wide adoption in and implications for every industry vertical and is likely to be one of the next great technological shifts, like the advent of the computer age or the smartphone revolution.”  

Companies like Deloitte and SnapLogic have noticed that companies are struggling to find the skilled talent necessary for executing their AI initiatives. They have referred to the perceived shortage as the “AI skills gap.” 

Is the AI skills gap fact or fiction? To get an answer, we broke the problem down into four specific questions: 

  • How many companies view AI as important to their business? 
  • Are companies able to fill their AI hiring needs? 
  • How hot is the job market for skilled AI practitioners? 
  • Are universities graduating enough skilled AI workers? 

We then looked at recent survey data to try and answer these questions. The infographic below illustrates just how important AI has become to enterprises – it is critically important. The AI job market is red hot. People with the right skills are in high demand. And exacerbating the problem even further, the AI segment has grown so rapidly that universities have fallen way behind in supplying the necessary talent.  

Based on survey information, we believe the AI skills gap is real and that businesses are struggling to find and retain skilled data scientists, machine learning engineers, and performance optimizations experts. Do you agree? Can machine programming help fill the gap? We think so.  



Machine programming is an emerging field of research and practice. It aims to automate the development and maintenance of software. Such automation can increase the productivity of programmers and the quality of software they produce…